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[X-Plane] 737-200 Latest Version parhel




Development began in 2010 by Richard Pinsky, CEO of the World Air Cargo Network in an effort to bring air transport to the next level with innovation. The goal of World Air Cargo Network is to revolutionize the way the world moves with faster, safer and more efficient air transport. Technology The XP11.10 is the newest simulation application developed and is built around a new vector based flight dynamics model. The vector based dynamics model is derived from the commercial airframe manufacturer's own in-house aircraft's flight dynamics model. The XP11.10 flight model is a P3D/X-Plane hybrid. The XP11.10 flight model is the first time in the history of flight simulation that the entire flight model is created, assembled and tuned by the developer. It is based on a flight dynamics model that was designed specifically for the XP11.10 project. The XP11.10 simulation is based upon vector based flight dynamics. With vector based flight dynamics, the flight computer is able to determine accurate landing approach speeds, loiter speeds, optimal landing speeds, climb and descent performance, accelerations and decelerations, airspeed, distance to the runway and in-flight wind gusts. Vector based flight dynamics generates a realistic environment and experience for the pilot. The XP11.10 simulation utilizes the latest advanced flight dynamics and recreates the experience of flying the real world. The XP11.10 simulation is based upon a full three dimensional linear velocity vector flight model with a fully integrated unique and authentic flight deck. The XP11.10 simulation provides high quality realism in all phases of flight; takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach and landing. The XP11.10 simulation features a flight deck that is accurate and a realistic experience of flying a modern wide body twin-engine airliner. The XP11.10 simulation utilizes a 3D, HD graphical display that provides a realistic experience of flying an airliner in flight. The XP11.10 display is placed inside a cabin that is realistic, accurate and authentic. The XP11.10 display is synchronized with the XP11.10's advanced flight dynamics and authentic flight deck. The XP11.10 simulation utilizes ultra high resolution graphics at 1024 × 768 resolution, 2D and 3D graphics that are synchronized with the XP11.10 flight model and authentic flight deck. The XP11.10 simulates the real world environment and experience of flying a twin-engine airliner. The XP11.




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[X-Plane] 737-200 Latest Version parhel

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